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  • Business Development Officer
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | 招聘人数3 | $800-1200
    Job Description: 1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of market channels; 2. Responsible for completing the sales target and corresponding task indicators set by the company; 3. Responsible for business project tracking and solving market problems such as after-sales. Job Requirements: 1. Proactive, strong execution, good adaptability; 2. Have good language skills and market service spirit; 3. Graduated from a regular university, proficient in using office software, and experience in market development/sales projects is preferred; 4. Language: Chinese and English or Chinese, English and Cambodian
  • Content operations
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Operations category | 招聘人数2 | $1500-2000
    Job Description: 1. Responsible for property content planning, production and operation, responsible for reading volume and activity; 2. In charge of self-media operation, to ensure that the number of readers and fans continue to increase; 3. Plan and execute various types of online activities to increase user stickiness and conversion. Job Requirements: 1. Chinese, English and Cambodian (Chinese and English) are fluent, and communication is barrier-free; 2. Bachelor degree, male or female; 3. Have relevant work experience in content operation.
  • Marketing
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | 招聘人数2 | $1500-2000
    Job Responsibilities: 1. Develop external customer resources and complete sales goals; 2. Analyze industry trends and competitor trends, and formulate targeted marketing plans; 3. According to customer needs and company arrangements, plan and complete offline activities. Job Requirements: 1. Fluent in Chinese, English and Cambodian, good at communication; 2. Bachelor degree, male or female; 3. Have relevant working experience in marketing