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  • Functional category
  • Sales category
  • Operations category
  • Technology category
  • Product category
  • Design category
  • China·Chongqing
  • Cambodia·Phnom Penh
  • Singapore·Singapore
  • Dubai·United Arab Emirates
  • Real estate agent
    China·Chongqing | Sales category | person7 | Negotiable
    Job Description: 1. Collect information of community real estate and business circle, and according to customer\'s needs, help customers to complete housing transactions, leasing, Asset Management and other business; 2. Through its own extension of customers, company resources, Shell Net and other Internet platforms and tools to complete the development and maintenance of house guests, to provide customers with the full process of real estate transaction services; 3. Participate in business negotiations, responsible for business follow-up, customer information registration and customer relationship maintenance, and customer to establish long-term good business relations; 4. In-depth mining customer needs for their customized asset management programs and basic real estate legal consulting services. Job Requirements: 1. Age 20 to 35, interested in real estate, finance, Internet preferred; 2. Friendly temperament, strong communication skills, have a good sense of service; 3. Honest and trustworthy, have a strong sense of teamwork, positive and optimistic, dare to challenge; 4. Has the strong study will as well as the independent study ability, resists the pressure ability to be strong.
  • Real estate store manager
    China·Chongqing | Sales category | person3 | ¥8000-15000
    Job Responsibilities: 1. Participate in the development of project sales plans and marketing programs, responsible for the implementation of plans and programs and strategic adjustments; 2. Responsible for sales recruitment training and team building, to ensure the project operation and development of follow-up Echelon; 3. Guide and supervise the daily work of the sales staff, lead the team to complete the sales task. 4. Responsible for sales report verification, reporting and working document management, sales refund and assist with the work of closing accounts; 5. Responsible for training the sales staff on the company\'s rules and regulations and the spirit of the meeting. Job Requirements: 1. At least 3 years experience in real estate sales team management. 2. Master the real estate new house channel transaction, second-hand house transaction, leasing transaction and other related processes; 3. Have a certain market awareness, innovative awareness and pioneering ability, rich in professional quality and customer service concept; 4. Good Team Spirit and training ability; 5. Experience in sales team management and lead team entry is a plus.
  • Business Development Officer
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | person3 | $800-1200
    Job Description: 1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of market channels; 2. Responsible for completing the sales target and corresponding task indicators set by the company; 3. Responsible for business project tracking and solving market problems such as after-sales. Job Requirements: 1. Proactive, strong execution, good adaptability; 2. Have good language skills and market service spirit; 3. Graduated from a regular university, proficient in using office software, and experience in market development/sales projects is preferred; 4. Language: Chinese and English or Chinese, English and Cambodian
  • Content operations
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Operations category | person2 | $1500-2000
    Job Description: 1. Responsible for property content planning, production and operation, responsible for reading volume and activity; 2. In charge of self-media operation, to ensure that the number of readers and fans continue to increase; 3. Plan and execute various types of online activities to increase user stickiness and conversion. Job Requirements: 1. Chinese, English and Cambodian (Chinese and English) are fluent, and communication is barrier-free; 2. Bachelor degree, male or female; 3. Have relevant work experience in content operation.
  • Marketing
    Cambodia·Phnom Penh | Sales category | person2 | $1500-2000
    Job Responsibilities: 1. Develop external customer resources and complete sales goals; 2. Analyze industry trends and competitor trends, and formulate targeted marketing plans; 3. According to customer needs and company arrangements, plan and complete offline activities. Job Requirements: 1. Fluent in Chinese, English and Cambodian, good at communication; 2. Bachelor degree, male or female; 3. Have relevant working experience in marketing